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Chapter Officers

Jacqueline Mullins


The chapter President serves as the executive officer of the chapter and is responsible for its operation. She encourages teamwork to achieve chapter goals and understands the chapter’s relationship with Advisory Board, House Board, the Fraternity, the campus, and the community. The President fosters communication at all Fraternity levels. In her role as House chairman, she fosters a sense of community, safety and sisterhood for all members. She is responsible for seeing that the rules and regulations regarding the maintenance and use of the chapter facility are carried out, guaranteeing the facility is used wisely and is a safe haven for every member. The House Chairman maintains a positive relationship with the chapter, House Director, and House Board.

Renee Doser

Vice President of Standards

The Vice President-Standards and her committee are responsible for the maintenance of the Fraternity standards and policies. This includes educating the chapter about the role of the Standards Committee as well as addressing violations of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policies for the best interest of the individual and the chapter. The VPS and members of the Standards Committee promote unity and sisterhood and serve as role models for the chapter. They represent the values of the chapter and the Fraternity on campus and in the community.

Gretchen Casper

Vice President of Organization

The Vice President-Organization oversees chapter organization by implementing the Chapter Strategic Plan and coordinating committees. The VPO oversees officer and chapter leadership development as well as officer trainings and transitions. Additionally, she arranges for all Fraternity visitors.

Lucy Baseheart


The Secretary serves as the record keeper for the chapter and sends all correspondence. She takes minutes for chapter meetings and Chapter Council meetings and coordinates the revision of the chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules. The Secretary also ensures that all required reports are sent to advisers, Fraternity officers and chairmen, and Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters in a timely manner. She also serves as the chapter’s historian, keeping records of the chapter’s successes, milestones, and membership. She records the chapter’s past and present activities, events, and accomplishments as well as campus trends.

Lauren Jung

Vice President of Academic Excellence

The Vice President-Academic Excellence promotes high academic standards, assists members to strive toward their academic and intellectual potential, and enhances scholastic awareness.

Jess Inman

Vice President of Finance

The VP-Finance is responsible for educating chapter members about financial responsibilities, making them aware of chapter expenses, and explaining the purposes of their fees. She prepares and maintains the chapter budget. She tracks all member balances and disburses all fees to Fraternity Headquarters and House Board. The VP-Finance also compiles annual budget reports.

Audrey Marshall

Vice President of Membership

VP-Membership plans and coordinates all activities related to the mutual selection process called Membership Recruitment. She ensures the chapter recruits and pledges high-quality women, achieves quota, pledges to Panhellenic total, and follows the National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements and guidelines. VP-Membership also takes on the role of the New Member Chairman. She is responsible for the New Member Experience — a period of orientation, preparation and education prior to Initiation and within the first year of membership that ensures each new member has a desire to fulfill the initiation requirements in preparation for active membership and will live out the values of the Fraternity.

Garner Tydings

Director of Recruitment

The Director of Recruitment works alongside the VP-Membership to plan and coordinate all activities related to Membership Recruitment. She assists the VP-Membership in ensuring the chapter recruits and pledges high-quality women, achieves quota, pledges to Panhellenic total, and follows the National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements and guidelines. The Director of Recruitment also serves as Panhellenic Delegate #2, attending weekly Panhellenic meetings and informing the Greek community of upcoming recruitment events.

Sarah Foropoulos

Vice President of Education

The VP-Education creates and implements a yearlong comprehensive program for the chapter. The program is designed to enhance membership by providing an understanding of Kappa’s purposes and ideals and promoting intellectual development and personal growth. The program also provides leadership and skill-building activities. One important area of education is to be the steward of Fraternity tradition, decorum, and ritual. Her efforts help preserve the link that ties together generations of members through the shared beauty of ritual by ensuring that the same words, songs and order are spoken, sung and observed at special services.

Jessie Strader

Vice President of Community Engagement

The VP-Community Engagement is the liaison between Kappa Kappa Gamma and our greater community. She is responsible for the public relations responsibilities, including the chapter’s Panhellenic and online presences. She promotes good relations with the chapter’s publics, projects the chapter’s positive reputation by evaluating chapter activities, and educates the chapter about the importance of positive public relations. The VP-Community Engagement also represents Kappa Kappa Gamma on the College Panhellenic Council, promotes Panhellenic ideals on campus and within the chapter, educates the chapter about the National Panhellenic Conference, and is knowledgeable about and supports the National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements, policies, and best practices.

Jessie Strader

Director of Philanthropy

Philanthropy is an effort or act of goodwill to help others by performing a direct service to people or organizations in the community or by raising money for a worthy cause. The Director of philanthropy fosters an appreciation and understanding of the mission and programs of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. She also coordinates chapter service efforts to support Reading Is Fundamental, the chapter’s local philanthropy (Center for Courageous Kids), the community, and the campus.

Taylor Broder

Vice President of Events

The VP-Events guides the chapter in accomplishing the Fraternity’s goal of attaining individual and social excellence. She educates members about acceptable behavior in all settings and ensures the Risk Management Procedures and Fraternity policies are followed during events in order to minimize risks to individuals or property. Managing risks means minimizing and eliminating any situation that jeopardizes property or a person’s health, safety or emotional well-being.